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Why I Will Never Outsource Software Again

I am writing this to share some horror stories that are still on going that resulted from relying on foreign coders. I will admit this does not represent 100% of all outsourced development companies (how could it?) but to anyone … Continue reading

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Must Love Facebook: A Romance Between Smarphone & Social Media

This past weekend I decided it was time to upgrade my phone. While I have always been loyal to BlackBerry, in the recent months it has become clear that they are starting to lag behind. Don’t get me wrong, BBM … Continue reading

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Calling George Orwell: Facebook Places Lets You Check-In Other People?

So I downloaded the new Facebook app on my iTouch to try and see if I could use the new Places feature. Places basically builds the “check in” functionality we have seen in other apps right into Facebook so that … Continue reading

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