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Closed Caption TV At The Gym Makes It Clear Deaf People Are Missing Out

I take hearing for granted. It’s true. I live on my iPod and dont think twice about the sounds of the city around me. But this morning I realized I was being a fool. All it took was 30 minutes … Continue reading

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On Cyberbullying & Friday: Why we should all be alowed to make fun of the world’s worst song.

Internet fame can be bittersweet. Just ask Rebecca Black, the “artist” (and trust me I use that term very loosely) behind the “hit” song (also used loosely) Friday. Friday, the product of a $2000 investment by Rebecca’s parents, was designed … Continue reading

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For 3d’s Sake!:What Tron Taught Me About The Future of Movies

This weekend, in the middle of prepping for new years eve, I took a break to see Tron Legacy with a group of friends. None of us had seen the original. We did not know the story nor were we … Continue reading

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