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Christian Levis is the creator of EchoFriendly, a location based chat application for the iOS. He is a graduate of NYU's College of Arts & Sciences and holds degrees in biology and English along with a professional certificate in marketing. He also a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law, and deeply concerned about privacy and the impact that social media has on intellectual property. Christian is also a jazz pianist. His favorite band is Steely Dan. His favorite book is too hard to choose. He enjoys seafood but not really lobster and drinks more coffee than is probably healthy for a normal human being. You can find him on Twitter @echomeback Or on Facebook as...Christian Levis

Why College Is Still The Right Choice

People have always debated the value of a college education. With the cost of attendance constantly on the rise, it is natural to wonder if the time, money and effort required to obtain a bachelor’s degree is really worth it. … Continue reading

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The Hateful Habit Of Heavy Drinking

I was lucky enough to be invited to a lot of parties this summer. As it turns out, most of my friends had a killer year. Some graduated from school, others got married, a few moved on to new jobs … Continue reading

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My Life As A Comparative Loser

I am a child of the age of encouragement. In the 1990’s everyone was a winner. Parents shuttled their children to and from a myriad of after school activities, all which bestowed numerous meaningless awards. From 9th place ribbons to … Continue reading

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8 Characters Or Less: The Rise of The Vanity Plate In The Social Media Age

I never used to spend that much time behind cars. For the last 7 years of my life I lived in Manhattan, a city where it seems as thou everyone takes public transportation. Certainly no one I knew owned a … Continue reading

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EchoFriendly Finally On The App Store

After what feels like forever we finally got this app up and running. EchoFriendly is a location based chat program that seriously is going to change how we interact with each other. The app centers around location based chat rooms … Continue reading

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Supercommittee Schmoopercommittee! Why I’m Not At All Surprised They Failed

What a shocker. The supercommittee to end all supercomittees has announced that baring some miracle on par with Isabella Swan’s ability to carry a demon baby to term (shout out to all you Twilight fans) they will be unable to … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate The Defense Attorney Just Because The Prosecutor Sucked

My mom called me after the Casey Anthony verdict came down this Tuesday. She was pissed off. “We’ve been OJ’d again!” she cried. This has become the default reaction every time a high profile case turns out the opposite way … Continue reading

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