EchoFriendly Finally On The App Store

After what feels like forever we finally got this app up and running. EchoFriendly is a location based chat program that seriously is going to change how we interact with each other. The app centers around location based chat rooms so you can create rooms and talk to people near by. The list of rooms always sorts and updates so the nearest rooms are at the top of the list making it super easy to find out what local people are talking about.


So excited to see how this grows and develops. Thank you everyone who helped us along the way for your support we couldn’t have done this without you.


Oh yea and you can download it here:




About clevis1

Christian Levis is the creator of EchoFriendly, a location based chat application for the iOS. He is a graduate of NYU's College of Arts & Sciences and holds degrees in biology and English along with a professional certificate in marketing. He also a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law, and deeply concerned about privacy and the impact that social media has on intellectual property. Christian is also a jazz pianist. His favorite band is Steely Dan. His favorite book is too hard to choose. He enjoys seafood but not really lobster and drinks more coffee than is probably healthy for a normal human being. You can find him on Twitter @echomeback Or on Facebook as...Christian Levis
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2 Responses to EchoFriendly Finally On The App Store

  1. jo* hill says:

    Hi, I’m a bit timid venturing online at all, as I have been stalked multiple times and some of them might even refocus their energies in my direction, if they happen to stumble across references to me. The tragedy of this being that I am an artist and actually Need to put myself out there in the public eye again, and as usual, my work can be quite controversial, even provocative, drawing all sorts of unwanted attention. I know that I come off sounding pretty paranoid, but I promise you I am Not delusional, I just lead an unusually colorful life.
    Exactly How Secure is Echofriendly if say an old school 80’s hacker was attempting to locate Me? Like one of those guys who got in trouble hacking Big Stuff like the Pentagon, and now live w/round the clock FBI surveillance? Only this guy was the One who didn’t get caught (friends of his did), so doesn’t actually have the FBI surveillance…sheesh, what a frigg’n Crackpot this crap turned me into-Not Fair! But things change forever when you’ve felt someone’s hands close around your throat, trying their hardest to crush and extiguish those last few precious breaths of life…blech!
    Aside from seeking some semblance of piece of mind on the whole public vulnerability issue, I found your observations on the Flaws in Kicktarter’s biz model extremely interesting in relation to an idea I am trying to pursue, pertaining to an alternative artist’s Not For Profit fundraising, crowd sourcing site, although I do want the focus to be slightly different, so that it will end up being completely different than existing sites for 3 seperate and distict reasons. Unfortunately, I have unknowingly been relying on an emotionally abusive, passive aggressive, ineffectual, bipolar, alcoholic “partner” for almost a year, who’s been lying and leading me on, and has now dropped out w/o having accomplished Anything At All, not even educating me on enough basic tech industry terminology to communicate my desires to designers. To put my whining into perspective, he brings in a six figure salary working for Oracle, and still managed to blow off even the simplest request to help me write a basic posting to Hire a web designer, or even a gross estimate for a budget needed to fund what I want to put together. I am a bit of a technophobe due to some reasonably understandable hesitations based on my past personal stalking experiences, but I’m Not Stupid, I a, capable of understanding rather complex concepts when explained in a halfway rational manner, but he never made any effort to teach me a lick, or Do anything at all himself.

    Is there any chance that you would be available for a consultation? I could really use the advice of scmeone who has gone through the development process and come out the other end with a functional, finished product, And is an articulate, functional communicator. I do have several avenues to follow up that should provide me with adequate funding, but I need to be able to walk into the room and have an informed discussion of at least the basics. You come across as quite astute and I have a great appreciation for reality based critical thinking, of which, I get the impression, you regularly engage. How much would you charge for a few hours of your time, including signing a nondisclosure/non-competition agreement covering discussion of any of my concepts, providing that you do not have prior documentation on your own work in the area? Is that how these things are done? I know, creepy paranoid, but that’s one of the reasons I really need some perspective. I’m Not at all about Being Greedy, in fact, the few sites that I want to set up that won’t be nonprofit, will be employee owned/profit sharing, w/a capped profit %, and the remainder of income allocated for various social service projects. Control of Who makes money off of my ideas, that’s where I get bitchy, but you addressed the very same issues in the similar structuring of your company, so I know you can understand the urgency of that priority.

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