TV That Reads The News For You

In NYC there is a local news channel called NY1. I never watch it (I am not ever sure we get it in my apartment) but I happened to catch one segment while running some errands for work a few weeks ago.

It turns out that rather than cover the news in the morning, like every other news station, NY1 outsourced the process. Rather than do their own stories they will read to you the news paper so you don’t have to! No joke. I watched in amazement as the anchor picked up the Times and the WSJ and literally selected and read articles to the camera.

Call me old fashioned for getting the paper every morning but is this really what it’s come to? No wonder we will all be working for china in 10 years.


About clevis1

Christian Levis is the creator of EchoFriendly, a location based chat application for the iOS. He is a graduate of NYU's College of Arts & Sciences and holds degrees in biology and English along with a professional certificate in marketing. He also a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law, and deeply concerned about privacy and the impact that social media has on intellectual property. Christian is also a jazz pianist. His favorite band is Steely Dan. His favorite book is too hard to choose. He enjoys seafood but not really lobster and drinks more coffee than is probably healthy for a normal human being. You can find him on Twitter @echomeback Or on Facebook as...Christian Levis
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