Closed Caption TV At The Gym Makes It Clear Deaf People Are Missing Out

I take hearing for granted. It’s true. I live on my iPod and dont think twice about the sounds of the city around me. But this morning I realized I was being a fool. All it took was 30 minutes at the gym and one poorly captioned tv show fir me to realize that we should all be more grateful our ears work.


I always knew televisions could display captions for the show you were watching. Like any other hearing individual I never thought to test it out. I assumed, retardedly, that this captions would be an accurate representation of what was in the show. It’s not. I was shocked.

The best way to describe the product of whatever system is compiling the text is to imagine what it would be like to transcribe message from your friend while at the worlds hottest techno club. We have all been there (or some other insert random loud situation). You drop works, misunderstand the ones you do here and as a whole just do a crappy job of understanding what the other person is saying. That’s what cc looks like.

Even funnier – this was the spelling bee

Of all shows where accuracy is paramount and automated transcription is easy this was the true test. But the tv managed to do things to words that I would never have thought of. Some of the spellings were even worse than my own.

Funny as it may be I felt kind of bad. Deaf people just can’t catch a break. You would think that living in silence you could a least enjoy reading Mr Hollands Opus to yourself. But tv captions suck. Whoever developed this needs to step up their game. Until then thank god for text messaging.


About clevis1

Christian Levis is the creator of EchoFriendly, a location based chat application for the iOS. He is a graduate of NYU's College of Arts & Sciences and holds degrees in biology and English along with a professional certificate in marketing. He also a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law, and deeply concerned about privacy and the impact that social media has on intellectual property. Christian is also a jazz pianist. His favorite band is Steely Dan. His favorite book is too hard to choose. He enjoys seafood but not really lobster and drinks more coffee than is probably healthy for a normal human being. You can find him on Twitter @echomeback Or on Facebook as...Christian Levis
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