The First Contest Wrap Up

A little over a week ago we asked everyone a question – What is your favorite place to chill? We offered bait – the chance to win $20 for your response if you were one of the first 50. I am excited to say that our first contest has officially come to an end! Thank you everyone who participated, the response was pretty impressive – 100+ new fans, 50 solid responses and a good time all around. We picked our winner using and their convenient number generator and ended up with comment number 42 – Alexandra Brummel. Now for those of you who know me, full disclosure, I do know Alex personally, but I do assure you the draw was random. For proof you can check our the video I posted.

Due to the great success of this rather small contest, we have decided to make giveaways a regular part of the Echo community. These will range from small prizes, like this gift card, to larger ones like the iTouch-a-day give away we will be running the week of our launch. At Echo we see contests and prizes as a way to reward our users for loyalty and participation in the community. If you have any ideas for prizes please comment and let us know – after all it’s about what you want to win, not what we want to give away.

Stay tuned for updates and new prizes in the future. Good luck to all those to participated for next time.



About clevis1

Christian Levis is the creator of EchoFriendly, a location based chat application for the iOS. He is a graduate of NYU's College of Arts & Sciences and holds degrees in biology and English along with a professional certificate in marketing. He also a graduate of the Fordham University School of Law, and deeply concerned about privacy and the impact that social media has on intellectual property. Christian is also a jazz pianist. His favorite band is Steely Dan. His favorite book is too hard to choose. He enjoys seafood but not really lobster and drinks more coffee than is probably healthy for a normal human being. You can find him on Twitter @echomeback Or on Facebook as...Christian Levis
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